It’s a great gift to feel wonderful about your brand, and with Susan’s help, we do!”

– Jessica Kohnen, Jennifer Meder, and Adeola Whitney, founding partners at hyve


Hi! I’m Susan.

I’m a writer, designer, speaker, marketing enthusiast and the founder of Marketers for Humanity and the Marketing Mastermind program. I have nearly two decades of experience helping entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and small businesses plan, develop, and implement comprehensive marketing strategies. I'm passionate about communicating authentically and aim to inspire others to do the same through consulting, workshops, speaking engagements, mastermind programs, and one-on-one coaching.


What are you going to make happen in 2018?

The Marketing Pathfinder is a new coaching program designed to help you align your marketing with your goals; improve your brand and messaging; get inspired ideas; create a marketing plan that works; and learn the specific actions to take to get the most out of your marketing this year in five simple steps:

1 – Marketing check-up
2 – One-on-one coaching call
3 – Marketing plan for 2018
4 – One-on-one coaching call
5 – Curated resources to keep you going

I'm now piloting the Marketing Pathfinder coaching program by opening ten spots at an unusually low cost of $299. Is one of them yours? Clarify a vision for your business and create a plan so get the most our of your marketing this year.

You rock. Let it be known.

Not sure if the 2018 Marketing Pathfinder is right for you? ★ Say hello and I'll reach out to you directly.


How it works.


360 Analysis

I'll review all your marketing materials, activities, audiences, analytics, and outcomes—web, print, social media, email, events, direct mail, and whatever else you do to spread the word.


20/20 Vision

You'll get coaching to refine your business  and create a clear vision for success so we can plan the best road forward.


2018 Roadmap

You’ll receive a roadmap (PDF), full of recommendations for how to improve your strategy, branding, messaging, content marketing, and more, as well as a focused plan for the actions to consistently take to stay on track in focus on in 2018.

What You'll Get



360° marketing snapshot (value $300 +): get a birds eye view of where you are now, get insight into what is (and is not) working, and use as a benchmark for your progress in 2018, and to keep all of your content that can be repurposed in 2018

First one-hour coaching call (value $150): help you clarify your goals, create a clear vision for success in 2018, and design custom marketing solutions to help you reach your goals.

Your 2018 Marketing Roadmap (PDF/value $500 +): marketing recommendations for your branding, messaging, content, strategy and more plus a step-by-step action plan for the key marketing tactics you'll need to focus on in 2018.

Second one-hour coaching call (value $150): review your marketing roadmap, answer questions, and get guidance on how to execute your plan.

Recommended resources (PDFs/websites/online courses): help you strengthen your marketing skills.


"As a clinician, I was unfamiliar with all that was necessary to market and get my business off the ground. Susan offered her wisdom and experience and got me over the hesitation–allowing me to think big, and then bigger, while achieving the results I was wishing for."


Your Investment
— $299

How much is unclear and misguided marketing costing you? Likely, a great deal.

When I set-out to design the 2018 Marketing Pathfinder I asked myself, "What do my clients need most right now? How can I give them even more?" The 2018 Marketing Pathfinder is the most that I can give in the least amount of time and money.  Let's align your marketing with your goals so you can save precious time and getting better results in 2018. 

Let's do this!



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