Technology gives you the tools to do your own marketing but it doesn’t provide you with real strategy, intuition, and creativity (branding, messaging, graphic design, and content) that you get from a creative professional. 

I see people who are frustrated by the money they’ve spent on professional consultants without seeing results. And I see too many organizations putting up with serious brand shame because they don’t have the time and resources to hire an expensive agency.

I designed the Marketing Mastermind program for today's businesses. You'll get everything you need to launch a better brand and grow at a fraction of the price that you would spend with a business coach or creative consultant.  Check out the comparison chart below. 


The Marketing

Strategic Marketing Plan
4 mastermind meetings
10 one-on-one coaching sessions
12 hours professional consulting
massive progress



$ 1600
$  800
$ 3000
$ 1200
$ Priceless



Marketing Mastermind

$ 800
$ 500
$ 900
$ 800
$ Priceless

($2,850 if paid in full)