Background: Joyce is a licensed physical therapist and holistic body worker, who specializes in a variety of hands-on techniques that help restore movement, balance, and long-lasting physical and emotional health. Joyce has been treating patients 

Goal: Joyce wanted to start a private physical therapy practice so she can develop relationships with her patients and serve more people 

Strategy: To help Joyce open her private physical therapy practice–securing a treatment space, getting clients, improving marketing materials, and developing a marketing plan to grow her practice. her goal we revamped her messaging, created a suite of materials, and developed a communication strategy to position Katie as an industry expert in branding and design for sustainable products and businesses. Using new content we developed:

  • a new website to better showcase her skills and attract more patients to her practice
  • a treatment space with regular office hours
  • several clients
  • a marketing plan to use moving forward, including a workshop on grip strength that will attract new clients to Blue Lotus Physical Therapy

Marketing Mastermind:
Joyce Fishel | Blue Lotus Physical Therapy
Spring 2017

Promo Postcard

Communication Strategy

As a clinician, I was unfamiliar with all that was necessary to market and get my business off the ground. Susan offered her wisdom and experience and got me over the hesitation–allowing me to think big, and then bigger, while achieving the results I was wishing for.”
– Joyce Fishel, Blue Lotus Physical Therapy