Recipe For Refreshing Clarity And Life-Altering Epiphanies

We're so busy plowing through our to-dos, reacting to horrifying media coverage, feeding our internet addictions, and dealing with our lives that we rarely stop to ask, "What do I really want to be doing?" "How do I want to live my life?" "Who the hell am I?" “What can I do now to make a radical shift toward lifelong fulfillment?” These are things worth pondering . . .

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I'm too old.

Our culture’s worship of the fountain of youth has only served to add “I’m too old.” to the laundry list of go-to excuses we use when we’re afraid to follow our dreams. Don't throw in the towel and succumb to the biddings of your amygdala just yet . . . 

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Forced march

As our to-do lists fill with the needs of everyone around us, we pinball through our days, dutifully and capably supporting our own ecosystems but never moving closer to our most important goals. 

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Louise Suggs
"Susan provided me the swift kick in the rear that I so desperately needed to promote my business. My career has not only taken a new and exciting direction, but I now have proof: a new logo, new business cards, a new website, and an energized approach to my work. Thank you, Susan!” – Louise Suggs
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