The cold, hard truth

Do you have a blog? A place where you share your expertise in the hopes of building your email database?

I do. You’re reading it.

This post, formerly titled, “The Special Sauce of Email Marketing” has been sitting in a folder called SEPTEMBER 2016 since sometime in early September. Its name is 09_12_16_special_sauce.doc (that was 44 days ago).

My intentions are good but the cold, hard truth about blogging is it’s unbelievably difficult to do consistently.

I subscribe to a lot of blogs. I want to see who is doing it right and what works. Then, I unsubscribe to 99% of them.

So, what are the 1% doing to stay inbox-worthy? 

The email newsletters that I keep reading, without exception, do the following:

  • Use an authentic voice and personality that resonates with me.
  • Create a virtual community where I feel connected to like-minded people.
  • Personally connect with me by asking questions and offering help.
  • Regularly expresses gratitude for my presence on their list.
  • Give gifts, like: free downloads, webinars, royalty free photography, or chapters of their books, while expecting nothing in return.
  • And, are 100% transparent about their intentions.

I unsubscribe to any email newsletter that:

  • Sets-off my BS detector with sleazy sales pitches or ulterior motives.
  • Doesn’t follow through on its promises.
  • Or, doesn’t personally connect due to a variety of factors, including: personality, values, and content.

If you're planning to start a blog, I wholeheartedly support your efforts! But I insist that you be kind to yourself. Live free of shame based on self-imposed deadlines. I’ve suffered enough for all of us.

It takes time to get things going.

Instead, think of inconsistent blogging as sporadic gift giving–what a pleasant surprise! Perhaps the “Secret Sauce” is sticking with it.

Have a blog you've been thinking about? I’m here for you.

You rock. Let it be known.

Until next time . . .