Made you look . . .

If you are reading this then I’ve succeeded. I want you to notice me and hear what I have to say. 

What does this have to do with the canine ET? 

This image uses communication techniques that have been proven to get attention and improve human connection. Cool, right?

I call this Human Engine Optimization (HEO). Think SEO for people. I’ll be presenting a session about it on June 7, 2016 at Maryland Nonprofit’s Tech to Tell Your Story conference

On another note, I'm holed up in my office creating an online course that teaches remarkable people to communicate their passion professionally–think DIY communication department. 

This course will walk you through the basics of building a powerful visual brand with lessons in color, logos, typography, photography, illustration, and brand guides. Students will complete the course with a customized brand guide for their organization and loads of bonus templates for creating beautifully branded marketing materials.

I'm looking for a few people to beta test the course. Please contact me if you are interested. 

I hope to see you on June 7th at The Tech to Tell Your Story mini-conference–a full-day focused on fundraising, social media, marketing, and the technology that nonprofits need to make it all work. Learn more and register.

As a member of the Superhero Action Network you can attend the conference for 50% off of the regular rate. Use discount code: T2TPARTNER

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In appreciation of your subscription, I will send you a free copy of my new e-book–Mission Mastermind: Mission Mad Libs for Busy Superheroes–your guide to writing clear, concise, and powerful mission statements on the go.

You rock. Let it be known.


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