Hi. I'm Susan Hughes. I’m a business coach, writer, designer, teacher, speaker, and all around marketing enthusiast. 

In two decades of working as a marketing professional I've learned a thing or two about what does, and does not, work in marketing.

For example, don't:

  • farm out your social media to someone in India to save time and money; 
  • have a presence on every stinking social media channel just to be there;
  • or, continue to tell yourself that it's okay not to have a mobile optimized website (80% of internet users access content on their phone).

The internet is moving fast. And, just about everyone is feeling the information overload, right? I know I am.

So, if you're overwhelmed, take solace in the fact that most people have become hardened by the merciless battery of media messages. We're all exhausted! 

What works, then?
Being human. Specifically, being your authentic self–flaws and all. This goes for organizations and solo entrepreneurs. 

Now more than ever, People want to connect with people and communities. We miss connection!

When it comes to marketing today less, but better and YOU, is the way.

The good news:

This is a tremendous opportunity for those who are listening. Lackluster communication is an epidemic. We want personality, now more than ever.

Real communication isn't difficult or expensive. When you’re awesome, communicating is easy. Awesome sells.

Stuck in a marketing rut? Want to take some serious action with your communications so you can stand out and be noticed?

Let's connect!

I offer business and communication consulting to solo entrepreneurs and nonprofits. I also offer regular workshops ands occasional speaking events. For updates subscribe and say hello. 

I’m also the founder of Marketers for Humanity, an online resource for remarkable people who want to communicate their passions powerfully and professionally subscribe and say hello